Residential Electrical Services - Customer Satisfaction Leader

Choose Sentinel Electric for reliable and professional residential electrical services including wiring, troubleshooting, EV charger installation, new service panels, light and switch installations, and running or replacing electric lines.

Services we provide

Residential Electrical Troubleshooting Solutions

Our troubleshooting service provides professional assistance to identify and solve technical problems for businesses and individuals.

Service Panel Upgrade Expertise

Our upgrade service panel ensures your electrical system is up to code and equipped to handle modern power needs, keeping your home or business safe.

Residential EV Charger Installation Services

Our EV Charger Installation service provides professional and reliable installation of electric vehicle charging stations at your home or business.

Residential Electrical Wiring Services

Our wiring service ensures that your electrical systems are safely and efficiently connected, reducing the risk of potential hazards and malfunctions.

Innovative Solutions in Electrical Industry

Sentinel Electric leads the way in implementing innovative solutions in the electrical industry, delivering cutting-edge services for its clients.

Sentinel Electric's Superior Customer Service

Sentinel Electric’s dedication to providing exceptional customer service has led to consistent praise from clients for their professionalism and technical expertise in the residential electric industry.

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